Web Sites

You want your users to start using Sitekick functions right away. That's why a number of web sites is available, which you can use as-is, or adapt or extend to your needs or create your own.

Ready to use for all your target groups

You have a number of internal and external user groups who benefit from using Sitekick

Your marketeers can start using Sitekick right away. Upload an Excel file and receive the result when it is ready. Your helpdesk gets detailed insight in customers'web sites immediately. And your customers can start specific journeys or get assistance when relevant, using the standard supplied web sites or (heavily) adapted - by you or an implementation partner.


Let your marketeers acquire new and keep your current customers.


Enable immediate access to extra data to the department that matters most.

Your Customer

Let your customer enjoy customer journeys and dedicated assistance.



Have your marketeers start immediately using the simple web site for domain analysis.

Start immediately with the data that is currently present. New, existing and churned customers can be selected and all selected data can be analyzed.
Use the built-in simple selections and analysis, or download a list for easy analysis with Microsoft® Excel.


When a customer wants to revert to a previous version of the web site or DNS-settings, Sitekick provides you with the required data.

Depending on the subscription you set for specific data for a web site, these data points are stored at predefined intervals. For example, if you set the refresh interval for DNS-settings to weekly, the current DNS-settings are stored every week.
The same applies to any other connector data, depending on the refresh frequency for the specified domain, this data is stored at the specified intervals. Your helpdesk has a valuable source for data which can be very helpful in assisting the customer.

Another valuable application for the helpdesk is the identification of significant customer groups. Groups of interest are for example: high traffic web sites, customers prone to leave, customers with the standard landing page etc.
Having all kinds of extra web site data can also be very helpful, like having the CMS version used, domain value, enabling of https etc.

Activity Based


Give your customers assistance with their web site with easy to use tips.

Use our pre-configured web site for customer assistance. A standard web site with several modules for helping the customer improve his web site.
Adapt the web site or build your own.