Stand out from the hosting crowd

The hosting market is mature and saturated, hosting companies cannot compete on tech and price alone. Sitekick gives you customer insight and enables you to surpass your customers' expectations.

Sitekick empowers you with website data

A website and its infrastructure contain a lot of information, from DNS and whois to website speed, CMS info, content, SEO analysis and much more. Information about all the websites you are hosting gives you a competitive edge.


How is your customer base segmented? What is their average age, by hosting package? Which customers have the highest risk of churn?

Customer Journeys

Onboarding, churn prevention, winback. Have the data available to use your own tools or use Sitekick's.

Helpdesk Support

Your helpdesk may well be your most competitive asset. Empower them with relevant (historical) data to surpass your customers' expectations.

Customer Assistance

Setting up their web site is difficult for most customers, and maintaining maybe even harder. Assist your customers - fully automated!


Moving customers from one hoster to another is common practice, after mergers or take-overs. Facilitate this process with accurate, up-to-date data.


How are your main competitors doing? What is the real value of a hoster for take-over or merging? Find out with a cursory or in-depth analysis.