Our connectors are the most simple to use technology we could make. It offers unlimited power under the hood, but is as easy to use as we could achieve.

Connect to any source

Having a large number of data points and standard connections is a prerequisite for any modern system.

But however many connections are available, you are still confined and dependent on the supplier for adding new sources or connecting to your proprietary system. With Sitekick connectors, you can connect to any system you want, using connectors with a very simple approach. Connect to external systems or your own internal systems.


Use any API with our simple instructions.

Command Line, Batches etc

Use the Command Line Interface, read and write files and other methods.

Click Robots

If all else fails, use our tried and proven click robots.

Simple Tooling


Almost all modern systems have an API of some kind. When an API is present, it is very easy to connect.

Since Sitekick is an API system at its core, connecting to an API is our second nature. To connect to an existing API, you supply a minimum of data yourself and enjoy a maximum of available data and support from Sitekick.


To give a taste of how easy it is to connect, we provide a real connector, for getting the hoster for a web site. In our tutorial on building a connector, you get extensive instructions.

  • _include_: homepage # Gets the url from the domain
        key: (secret key)
        url: {{ url }}
      method: GET # optional, default method
This connector adds the data from the specified host verbatim to the domain data.

Command Line, Batches etc

Not all systems vave a convenient API. Some connections require a command line, file exchange using sftp, or any other method you can think of.

You know those numerous black windows, that system operators and programmers use to connect to? Those are terminals and used to connect to servers, give commands and get results back. This technology is the oldest around and of course available to connecto to.
Another frequently used method are files - using sftp or other exchange methods like e-mail. You can also connect files, using sftp, e-mail (inbound and outbound) or plain scp.

Click Robots

Click Robots

Not all source or destination systems have the possibility for downloading or uploading data or operation using command line tools or an API.

As a last resort, you can operate a source or target system using our click robots. Most legacy systems are not intended for any automatic connection and rely solely on human operation. Click robots can be used to extract data from a manual-only source system, enter it in a destination system or perform a mundane task like manually accepting terms of use for 20.000 customers.

Although deploying a click robot is brittle, the Sitekick-platform is designed for brittleness. Connecting to our multitude of sources, many things can go wrong. Our platform is designed for monitoring, retrying and repairing connectors. A click robot is deployed as a standard connector and automatically has the Sitekick features of monitoring, retrying and scalability.