Customer Assistance

Your customers want to put as little time as necessary in their web site, they want to focus on their daily business. You can really stand out from your competitors by not just offering technical hosting services and technical support, but also helping your customers in setting up and maintaining their web site proactively.

Turn your customers into loyal fans

Your customers have widely varying goals for their online presence, from sales to information sharing to acquisition to... Whatever their goals, they want to put as little effort as possible into their web sites.
Most hosting companies just focus on the technical aspects of hosting, completely ignoring the real needs of their customers. Technical support is on-demand and by many hosting companies considered a costly activity instead of an asset for customer satisfaction. Turn this around by proactively helping your customers manage their web sites.

All sounds familiar? There is a fine line between true customer assistance and more commercially oriented customer journeys. Both intend to help the customer achieve his goal, but customer assistance should be really 'altruistic' and the greatest effect of customer assistance is customer satisfaction. Assisting the customer really helps in making yourself into a credible source of information and therefore increases conversion and lowers churn rates.

Proactive Support

Signal potential improvements for your customers' websites before your customer has to find out himself.

Activity Based

Watch for changes in the website and configuration of your customer and act accordingly.

Plays Nice

Integrates with most existing communication platforms, out of the box or using a dedicated connector.

Proactive Support

Proactive Support

Creating and deploying a web site can be quite a chore, maintaining it and keeping it in good health is maybe even bigger a chore.

Maintaining a web site requires knowledge on many subjects: software versions, speed, content creation, SEO, security, DNS settings etc etc. This is beyond the expertise -and frankly, interest- of most web site owners and even maintainers. It requires a very broad and quite deep knowledge of many fields, technical and content wise.
For many fields, tools and services are available to help the web site owner. But selecting, learning and operating these disparate tools (not mentioning the cost) is beyond most people.

Fully Automated Assistance

Sitekick has many support programs ready for use. From technical (https, software versions, DNS settings etc) and security (version scans, malware detection) to content (mobile friendly, brokenlinks detection) areas, you can use pre-defined assistance programs. Sitekick can help you adapt these programs to your needs and communication / styling.

Activity Based

Changes in the web site or changes in the environment can have impact on the web site and require action.

A web site needs to be secure, fast, mobile friendly, high ranking on Google and use up-to-date technologies. For instance, not using https is punished in the ranking and puts visitors off.
To stand still is to go backwards. Every web site needs to be updated on many fronts, like software versions for Wordpress, SSL certificate for https etc. Also, links that used to work can stop working for any reason.
Sitekick monitors for changes and can start a relevant program to help the customer improve on this area for his web site.
Changes in the web site can also result in positive feedback. Positive feedback about enabling https, fixing broken links or reducing the size of pictures create a positive feeling with the customer.

Activity Based
Plays Nice

Plays Nice

Sitekick connects to your existing tooling, without any requirements about which system should be in charge.

You can connect it with your existing CRM, customer journey system or e-mail-marketing platform. Sitekick connects to many popular systems out of the box and easily connects to almost any existing platform using our tried and proven connectors.