All data points which are retrieved, are stored indefinitely. So all previously retrieved data is still present. This gives all kinds of opportunities, for analysis, monitoring, customer assistance and helpdesk support.

Time is on your side

Monitoring your customers' web sites for a longer period of time gives you an opportunity to see changes over time and act on them.

For all applications of Sitekick, you have good use of historic data. Be it for marketing -development of domainvalue-, customer journey -has a customer changed parking page to a real web site- or helpdesk -what were DNS settings in the past-, having history of data points gives a unique advantage.

Indefinite history

Data points, once recorded, are stored indefinitely. This gives you a unique view on web site data.

Activity Based

Watch for changes in the website and configuration of your customer and act accordingly.

Indefinite History

Indefinite History

Having indefinite data history gives you unprecedented possibilities.

From the moment a customer enters, starts a web site until he maybe leaves, all data points you specify are stored. You choose the update fre3quency, depending on the kind of customer and the data points you're interested in. You can do a routine storage of DNS-settings for every customer every month, do a general Lighthouse inspection for premium customers every month, or every other combination you want.

Having an archive of this size gives you endless possibilities for analysis, marketing and customer suppport.

Activity Based

You determine actions on specific changes.

Having unlimited history gives unlimited possibilities. Having a history also means that Sitekick can act on changes. Depending on your application, you can act on any change you specify.
For customer journeys, you can use negative changes (number of broken links found, vulnerabilities found) and positive changes (ssl added to the web site) to reach out to your customer.
For customer assistance, you can reach out to customers who have changed their DNS settings wrongly or have their SSL certificate expired.

Activity Based