Customer Journeys

Take your customers on a relevant and individual journey, for onboarding, upsell or cross-sell opportunities and churn prevention. Sitekick gives you all accurate data and tooling to set up relevant journeys, using your own styles and tools.

Increase sales, fully automated

When you show understanding for what drives your customers and help them achieve their goals, you can build a loyal customer base. You can take your customers on relevant, automated journeys and surpass their expectations.

Customer journeys are very much alike to customer assistance, in that they both result in targeted customer communication. However, the intention and tone-of-voice are different.

Life Cycle Based

A starting customer has very different needs than an experienced customer. Tune your journeys to your customers.

Sales Opportunities

Onboarding, churn prevention, upsell/cross-sell and winback are the corner stones of your sales program.

Plays Nice

Integrates with most existing communication platforms, out of the box or using a dedicated connector.

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Life Cycle Based

A large commercial web site is quite different from a starting hobbyist. The skills and needs of these customers require a different approach.

You can identify the groups easily and start customer journeys for each group. We have predefined a number of groups with matching criteria.

Fully automated

After initial setup and defining your journeys, the customers are automatically selected for relevant journeys. On a dashboard, you can keep track of the effectiveness of the journeys.


Sales Opportunities

Helping your customers is helping yourself. When you convince a customer that he needs an upgrade or extra services to achieve his goal, you will both be happy.

Managing a web site is complex and involves a lot of different expertise. Using customer journeys can help the customer by giving relevant information on lots of different areas.

You can offer customer journeys for onboarding, upsell/cross-sell, churn prevention and winback. When you have journeys in all these categories, sales will be mostly automated. Sitekick can help you set up these journeys in your company style and your tools.

Sales Opportunities
Plays Nice

Plays Nice

Sitekick connects to your existing tooling, without any requirements about which system should be in charge.

You can connect it with your existing CRM, customer journey system or e-mail-marketing platform. Sitekick connects to many popular systems out of the box and easily connects to almost any existing platform using our tried and proven connectors.