Data Points

Use our 100+ data points from dozens of connectors for analysis, customer assistance or helpdesk support.

Broken links

3 credits

  • Broken external links, broken internal links, missing pictures

CMS detection

2 credits

  • CMS used, version, theme, version security

Technology detection

2 credits

  • Web framework, programming language, database, web server, operating system

Domain value

4 credits

  • Estimated sales price

Link value

1 credit

  • Moz link count, Majestic link count, trust value


1 credit

  • Detailed backlink info for specified web site, for SEO optimization

Homepage address

1 credit

  • Final address after entering domain name

HTTPS certificate

1 credit

  • Issuer, valid until

E-mail addresses

20 credits

  • Addresses from website, other sources, type of address, address format used

Image generation

1 credit

  • Generate mockup image of website, using templates. Generate gif of scrolling -customer- web site. Also generate mockups e.g. for emulating https on customer web site


3 credits

  • Image of the website, specify format (mobile, desktop), captures complete page (scrolls if needed) to be used in gif

Keywords from domain name

1 credit

  • Get multi-lingual keywords of domain name, e.g. splits localhouserealtor in local-house-realtor

Keywords from web site

1 credit

  • Get most important keywords from web site. Can be combined with keyword value for SEO purposes

Keyword word cloud

1 credit

  • Word cloud image for a specified web site, for illustration purposes for web site owner

Keyword values

1 credit

  • Get search volume and cost-per-click of a keyword or combination thereof.

Mail sending

1 credit

  • Send formatted e-mail to any recipient and track opens/clicks

Parked detection

1 credit

  • Does the web site only have a parked or 'under construction' page, useful for customer journeys and helpdesk

E-mail password hack count

1 credit

  • How many compromises have been found for an e-mail-address; is a specified password compromised

Uptime monitor

99 credits/mo

  • Check availability of a web site every minute; in case of offline or too long response times, get alerted. Also record response times for every check to have a history of response times.

PageSpeed and Lighthouse

5 credits

  • Get full audits from PageSpeed, including Lighthouse data. Covers key performance metrics, mobile friendliness, accessibility, security best practices and SEO metrics.

Security threat detection

3 credits

  • Perform a malware/virus/worm detection on a page of the web site or the full web site (1 credit per additional page). Scan for open ports and other vulnerabilities


1 credit

  • Get settings for A, AAAA, MX, NS, TEXT records


1 credit

  • Detailed information on the whois record for the domain. Can be subject to tld-restrictions

Connect to your own systems

Use data from your own systems, e.g. to start customer journeys. Connect using API, batch files or click robots.

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Credits can be purchased one-time or monthly. Credits remain valid indefinitely, monthly payments have no artificial fixed amounts but are calculated after use.