Sitekick features

The foundation for Sitekick is the large number of data points. Based on this foundation, you can use standard applications, extend standard applications, connect internal or external systems or build your own application.

Extensible platform on a strong foundation

The large number of data sources with 100+ data points give you a headstart to all kinds of applications. You are not confined to the standard data and tools however, you can easily add your own internal or external data sources, adapt Sitekick tools to your situation and develop your own custom tools.

Data Points

Dozens of data sources with 100+ data points.


You use the data of the present, but can also go back in time.


Use Sitekick's standard technology to build your own connectors.


Sitekick has standard web sites for customers and help desk built in, free for you to use.


Use Sitekick as-is, or add connectors, change web sites, or...